What good is a filmmaker at the end of civilization? Making films has been Jonathan Swain’s life. He needs a new sense of purpose and finds it in the search for why his last film made so many people so mad.

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The Light Room


Volume III of the Recall Chronicles reveals more about photonic cognitive structuring and how it was being used by the plutocracy in the 22nd century. Who are the Architraves?

Flight of the Owlnow available.

Evolving in Opposite Directions


In the world of 2125, human lifespans are approaching 200 years, while the economy presses for increasing consumption of short-cycle goods and people entrust their memories to digital media that are beyond their control. The movement opposing such trends is known as Recall.

Read more in Way of the Serpent and Shadow of the Harethe first two volumes of the Recall Chronicles.