It’s Time


It’s time. Way of the Serpent has now been re-issued as Vol. I of The Recall Chronicles, the ongoing story of a 22nd-century world that is all too believable. It’s a world controlled with subtlety and finesse by the seldom-seen plutocrats, a world pacified by eternal youth and engaging entertainments. Stay tuned to these pages for more insights into this disturbingly engaging world and the stories of Jenda Swain, Malia Poole, and Jonathan Swain.

Get Way of the Serpent here.  Also available in Austin at Malvern Books, Bookwoman, and on the local authors shelf of Half Price Books on North Lamar.


Perfect Participation


In The Recall Chronicles’ 22nd-century world, political participation had deteriorated to the point that elections were discontinued after 2044. Could it happen? Maybe so, if we don’t heed the warnings of American hero Cesar Chavez. And if we don’t get our own act together!