About the Series

In a 22nd-century world suffering from collective dementia despite its achievement of perpetual youth, the Recall Network schemes to restore a more natural order. But is it too late? Are the corporations too entrenched and powerful? Will Recall carry on in the face of the mounting pandemic?

The Recall Chronicles recount the stories of three very different individuals as they try to survive and make sense out of an increasingly senseless and insensitive world.

Vol. I, Way of the Serpent: Jenda Swain is a corporate drone, driven by haunting, disconnected memories of a mysterious woman in blue to discover the woman she used to be and might still become.

Vol. II, Shadow of the Hare: Malia Poole is a stubbornly dissident author and bibliophile in a world where books have ceased to matter and barely exist. Emerging from fifty years of self-imposed exile, she discovers a world far more terrifying that the one she fled.

Vol. III, Flight of the Owl: Jonathan Swain is a disrobed Buddhist monk and fugitive filmmaker who is convinced his plutocrat grandfather left some important secrets hidden at the old family estate in Costa Rica.

Recall Chronicles available on Amazon and at leading independent bookstores:  In Austin at Book PeopleMalvern Books, Bookwoman, and at Half Price Books N. Lamar (local authors shelf). In Houston at River Oaks Bookstore.  In San Antonio at The Twig Book Shop.  

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