Craving the Future


“Amid mounting evidence of the success of their Chulel formula in 2040 – the year Max and Emily Feldman both turned 100 – the two researchers had decided to retire. It would be another decade before the concept of retirement gave way to the ten-year sabbatical.

“The Drs. Feldman watched from afar the unfolding of the new world they had helped to create. When people had started turning 120, it was kind of a big deal. When their offspring started turning 100 it was an even bigger deal. When people were still around to celebrate their grandchildren’s century mark, they began to wonder where it would all end. As the Drs. Feldman began to think that they would easily reach their 200th birthdays, they started having second thoughts about the great gift they had bestowed on humankind.”

Way of the Serpent – Recall Chronicles, Volume I

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